Experience Makes A Difference

Installing a new roof is not just an investment financially, it’s an investment in the health of your home or business. This is why it is essential to work with an expert who not only understands every intricate detail of the process, but who is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best quality materials and workmanship, while honoring a relationship built on trust.
At Witt Construction, we have two decades of experience in this very thing. From metal roofs to large-scale installations on churches and businesses, our expertise is only outdone by our attention to detail and the level of service our clients receive.

Find the best roof for your needs.

Selecting the right roof for your project is our specialty. We partner with numerous suppliers who offer the best quality materials for your needs and budget, as well as offering additional services to complement your roofing installation:


  • 3-Tab and Architectural Shingles
  • Copper and Steel Panels
  • TPO and CertainTeed Flintlastic® Products
  • Velux Skylights and Sun Tunnels
  • Metal Flashing Fabrication and Installation for Walls and Chimneys


We are here to help guide you through the process of planning for a new roof for your home or business.
Are you licensed and insured?
We are! Hiring the right person for your project means ensuring that you are protected for the entire process. A roofing contractor should be licensed in the state your home or business is located, and should hold valid workman’s compensation and liability insurance. We are happy to provide you with all documentation prior to working together.
How do I know if my roof needs to be replaced?

There are several factors to consider when deciding to replace your roof. Good areas to inspect include:

  • Any leaking in your attic after a hard rain.
  • The blistering or peeling of outside paint.
  • Stains, mold or mildew growth on interior ceilings and walls.
  • Shingle, sheathing and/or exterior siding decay or rot
  • Missing, cracked or curled shingles.

We can also help evaluate your current roof, and aid in the decision making process as part of our comprehensive planning process for all projects.

How long will my new roof last?

The lifetime of your new roof depends on the type of roofing materials used. Traditional 3-Tab shingles can last generally 20 – 25 years. Architectural shingles are a newer option and quite popular – with a rating for closer to 30 years. Metal roofs vary in durability, with copper standing out as the longest lasting. Steel options are also quite durable, and offer two different styles – “Tuff Rib” or “Standing Seam” – depending on design and budget. Low slope roofing materials generally have a shorter life, as compared to those used for more conventional, sloped roofs and last approximately 10 years. 

What happens if it rains during my project before the roof is completed?

Our priority is always the safety and security of your home. As a precaution we always carry protective material in case of rain during the course of your project. We only remove the amount of roofing that we can then cover with a protective underlayment layer on the same day. This ensures your roof is never exposed overnight to inclement weather. The safety and security of our team is also of the highest priority, so should the weather be too dangerous for our crew to work, we will work with you to complete the remaining installation process when the weather improves.

Roofing projects generate a lot of trash. How do you handle this?

As part of our roofing process, we implement the very best methods to protect your property from roofing debris. We will work with you to make a plan for re-locating vehicles, outdoor furniture and any other exterior items of value, and will use tarps for your plants and yard, magnets and a special disposal trailer called an Equipter. We perform a thorough clean-up at the end of each day and then again at the completion of the project. Even with the utmost care, there may still be a stray nail left on the ground or in shrubs, so we will ask you to keep an eye out for any hazards.